Yacht Charter Insurance

We are pleased to partner with EIS Insurance from Germany – the leading charter insurance company for skipper, crew and deposit insurance policies

Purchase of charter deposit cover is recommended as a minimum to protect against claims according to your charter contract. As an example, for a charter deposit of 3000 EUR, the insurance premium will be 255 EUR and in case of a claim your deductible will be a maximum of 300 EUR. We highly recommend this worthwhile policy!

There follow an excerpt of the policy terms and conditions as they appear on the EIS website.

Please refer to the original details as they appear on EIS.

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Product description: The extended skipper’s liability insurance offers you protection in the event of damage that occurs during the use of another person’s motor or sailing yacht. The amount of coverage is 3.000.000,- EUR or 6.000.000,- EUR lump sum for personal injury and property damage and additionally 100.000,- EUR for financial loss.

Insurance benefit: Examination of whether and in what amount you have an obligation to pay damages, if yes – the compensation of the damage in money, if no – the defense against unjustified claims for damages. In the event of a legal dispute, we will conduct the proceedings and bear the costs.
If the regatta risk is co-insured there will be an addition of 20% on the premium.

Conditions to be observed:
The extended skipper’s liability insurance always provides subsidiary cover. The existing yacht insurance is always liable to pay in advance.
The minimum contract period is one year. Thereafter, the insurance is tacitly renewed from year to year unless it is terminated in writing three months before the main due date. Alternatively, you can choose in the following that the insurance ends with the expiry of the minimum contract period.

Additional information: The premium depends on the yacht type and size, the horsepower or sail area, as well as the desired sum insured.
Note: “Sailing yachts only” also counts for sailing yachts with a small auxiliary engine.

Product Description: Insured, up to a deposit of max. 15,000 EUR, is the partial or complete withholding of the deposit by the charter company as a result of loss or damage culpably caused by the policyholder or his crew.
The deductible is 10% of the deposit, min. 100 EUR; if the regatta risk is included, 15% of the deposit amount, min. 300 EUR.

Conditions to be observed:
For a single charter cruise less than 4 weeks please choose “trip max 4 weeks”. For several charter cruises and/or a single charter cruise exceeding 4 weeks please choose “One-Year cover”.

Additional Information: The premium is calculated according to the deposit and is 8% for deposits up to and including 3,000 EUR (annual cover 15%), and 7% for deposits over 3,000 EUR (annual cover 13%). For the regatta risk applies plus 15% on the calculated premium.
Please note the minimum premium of 75 EUR (annual cover 100 EUR).

Product Description: The travel cancellation insurance covers the costs in case of non-commencement or interruption of the charter trip. The agreed deductible for each claim is at least 100 EUR/person; if the insured event is caused by the death or illness of a relative in the first degree, the deductible is 20% of the claim, but also at least 100 EUR/person.
The sum insured is the total travel price and is calculated from all verifiable parts of the journey, e.g. arrival and departure.

Corona Note: Insurance cover applies if a personal quarantine is ordered caused by the insured person(s) themselves is ill from COVID-19 disease or another epidemic or pandemic disease is diagnosed in the insured person(s). Please note, however, that travel bans, travel restrictions, quarantine orders or legally imposed contact bans without established Covid-19 disease is no insured event.

Conditions to be observed: The Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance can only be concluded within 21 days upon receipt of the booking confirmation. Charter cruises of more than 25.000 EUR must be individually requested.

Additional information: The premium is calculated according to the total charter price and is 4% including skipper loss and 3% without skipper loss.

Product Description: In the event of non-performance of the contractually agreed services due to the insolvency of the agency or the charter company, the insurance will cover the repayment of the advance and remaining payments already made. The sum insured is limited to 5,000 EUR/week or 15,000 EUR/trip. Furthermore, additional costs for flights and higher charter costs in the event of rebooking will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 1,500 EUR per cruise.

Conditions to be observed: This charter price insolvency insurance can only be concluded within 21 days after receipt of the booking confirmation.

Additional information: The premium is calculated on the charter price and amounts to 2.1%.

Product Description: The insurance packages are valid for a one-off charter trip of max. 6 weeks, and insure the skipper and a maximum of 9 crew members.
Optionally, the package can be purchased with or without a deductible within the travel cancellation insurance.

Conditions to be observed: The Skipper & Crew packages must be concluded within 21 days after receipt of the booking confirmation.

Additional information: The scope of insurance corresponds to that of the respective individual insurances. Detailed information can be found in the customer information and conditions or at www.eis-insurance.com.

Covered are:

  • Extented skipper liability insurance
  • Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance
  • Charter Deposit Insurance
  • Grossly negligent caused damage at the chartered yacht: 550.000,00 EUR
  • Financial Loss: 100,000,00 EUR
  • Security benefits in case of provisional seizure: 50.000,00 EUR
  • Claims of the charter base due to loss of the following charter: 20.000,00 EUR
  • Hotel and travel costs after the damage: 1,000 EUR