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About Us

Welcome to the leading agency in Israel for renting vessels around the world. We are proud to offer a diverse selection that caters to everyone – experienced skippers who wish to sail on their own (bareboat), amateurs who wish to sail with a small crew, vacationers who want to sail leisurely through the canals of Europe or people who are interested in a luxury cruise with a full crew and high level pampering.

We offer you the largest selection of yachts and catamarans for rent, with or without crew, for the Mediterranean coast or anywhere else in the world. Our database contains over 9,800 vessels available for immediate charter, and our powerful search engine allows you to choose any of the 460 destinations worldwide.

What is special about us? Full end to end personal service in Hebrew and English by an experienced team. If you cannot find the right cruise in the search engine, you are welcome to contact our service personnel, who will be happy to help and offer additional options. Our experienced team will be happy to recommend a complete tour – destinations, routes, schedules, recommended ports, restaurants and more.

At Yacht Charter Israel, your experience begins right now.

Kosher Sailing details

Do you keep kashrut/shabbat? We have a solution

For the Shabbat & Kashrut observant, we have an amazing solution in Sicily A large catamaran with 4.5 cabins awaits you for a skippered cruise or bareboat for those with suitable experience.

The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of seven islands formed by volcanic activity off the northern coast of Sicily close to the southern tip of Italy. Two of the islands are still active volcanoes and all are incredibly beautiful and unimaginably diverse.

The catamaran is available on Tuesdays for weeklong sailings and we can arrange for you to dock at Lipari Marina for Shabbat. Please contact us for details

Kosher Sailing details
Kosher Sailing in Sicily